Vampire Academy Movie Review.

I went and saw "Vampire Academy" yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I was super stoked to go see it but at the same time I had my reservations. I absolutely adore the book series and I didn't want ANYTHING or ANYONE to destroy that love. I heard a lot of mixed reviews but I try to never be affected by other people's opinions because a lot of movies that get hate are usually the movies I love. However, this is MY account on the film...
and I LOVED it. 

If you read the books you know that they are mostly narrated by Rose Hathaway, one of the main characters. I say "one" of the main characters because her and Lissa share that spotlight, but the majority of the story being told is from Rose's point of view. I absolutely loved the voice over narration that was done. A lot of people complain that in book to movie adaptions that there isn't enough information provided, well that was NOT the case in this movie.

Rose's narration was spot on and provided so much insight into the world of St. Vladimir's school, aka "
Vampire Academy." Rose broke down their entire lives and did it so well that she made even the most complex terms and situations understandable. A lot of details surround Vampire Academy and to those who haven't read the books all the details are suddenly provided in a way that is easy to digest. I took a friend with me that had not read the books and she absolutely fell in love as well. 

The actors and actresses were amazing. A lot of people tend to shy away from films that don't have the most well known casts but I think this cast was phenomenal. I was most impressed with Zoey Deutch. I had seen Zoey's work before and was thoroughly interested in seeing her in such a badass and complex role. She nailed it and brought Rose to life in every single way imaginable. In my opinion, Lucy Fry was perfect as Lissa. She was beautiful, talented and elegant. Zoey and Lucy's onscreen chemistry was on point but the chemistry I was most impressed with was Rose [Zoey] and Dimitri's. [Danila]

I heard a lot of nonsensical talk about how the guys weren't "hot" enough for their parts. Um, no. I will admit that by glancing at them they may not be the MOST appealing but when they are onscreen they light up. Everyone was insanely attractive and the roles they played made them that much more electrifying. 

Also, some people mentioned that the film had a "Mean Girls" vibe. Well, if you read the book you realize that they are surrounded by mean girls and horrible high school drama, even though they are who they are. All of it was expressed very well. There was drama because they are in HIGH SCHOOL and that's far more realistic to me than a kick ass vampire movie that takes place in a high school where everyone is warm and fuzzy. NO, people are out to get one another and it's survival of the fittest in more ways than one. [Also, the director of "Mean Girls" directed this as well] Everything is still the perfect amount of fierce and exciting.

I highly, highly recommend it! GO SEE IT!! 

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