The Maze Runner Series and Movie.

I recently read The Maze Runner series and I couldn't put them down. It's one of those series where I found myself thinking about the books constantly. If I wasn't reading I wanted to be and when I was reading I was so engrossed with the series that I couldn't stop. Considering I do have a life [chuckles] it took me about a week to finish the entire series. It's so different to me and I've never ready anything quite like it.

I've read so many Dystopian, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi novels, but there's something about "The Maze Runner" that drew my attention. It's so intense and intriguing. The main character is a male and it's all from his point of view which I found very interesting. The Maze Runner has it's own language that you catch onto really quickly. The boys in "The Maze" have their own way of speaking and handling each other that's a entirely new concept. Unlike a lot of books these days there was no real "romance" in it. Sure, there were love interests that had their own stories but the series wasn't based around that as much as a lot of books are these days. Plus, the person I thought Thomas was going to end up with in the end threw me for a loop. That was a huge blow but I'm happy with the end result. It's a very mysterious and action packed series. It's gritty, raw and full of emotions. I just genuinely loved it. The Maze Runner series was fantastic throughout the entire series. I've realized over time that sometimes the first book in a series can turn out to be the best, sadly enough. These books luckily did not catch that plague. All three books; The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure are equally great. All three books are fantastic follow ups and continuations of one another. 
The plot just continues to thicken and grow. 

Before I read the books I had heard they were making a movie but I never paid much attention to it. I didn't look anything up or check out the news. However, now that I've read the book I am MORE than interested and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting it. I'm so excited that Dylan O'Brien who's probably most famous for his role on MTV's "Teen Wolf" is playing Thomas. It's a perfect fit. The main female role is being played by Kaya Scodelario who is best known for her role in "Skins." Kaya will play Teresa which I'm also stoked about. I feel like this is the exact cast I would've picked myself which is frighteningly fantastic. I can't wait to see it unfold. I managed to find some movie stills thanks to MTV's website! 

Have you read The Maze Runner and how excited are you for the movie?

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