Pretty Little Liar Theories: "What Becomes of The Broken Hearted."

"What Becomes of The Broken Hearted."
Season 3, episode 19.

I must warn you that I'm still a little overwhelmed. Insane in the membrane... but, Here we go...Disclaimer: [If you have seen the episode, let's discuss... If you haven't seen the episode and you don't want spoilers, I don't recommend going beyond this point. However, you should stop what you're doing and go watch it, and then COME BACK because it's amazing!]


The biggest storyline of the night goes to Miss Spencer Hastings. Her downward spiral hit a all time high, but I very much enjoyed it. She started out getting overthrown by Mona only then to be visited by Andrew, the cute nerd after school. Spencer then suggests what I like to call, "Strip Trivia" as a way to get back on the team.


Meanwhile, Emily is trying to reach out to Spencer and comes crashing into Spencer's little game. All I can say regarding that is... CUPCAKES. [If you saw the episode, you know the reference is epic] The scene between Emily and Spencer was absolute perfection. The acting between Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario was electric. My favorite line is when Emily said, "You don't have a monopoly on pain, Spencer!" It's so true, but the fact that the other girls don't know that she's dealing with far more than a breakup is the most painful thing of all. I can't wait until the girls find out about Toby. Another HUGE storyline was Spencer being visited by Wren. I'm all about the British and very gorgeous, Mr. Julian Morris coming back on the show, but he was called by Mona. She claimed she was worried about "Spencer's mental state." Considering what they've been through and who Mona is, I would've snapped too. Mona is in one word "psychotic." She's a lot of other things, including several words that don't start with the letter A, but definitely the letter B. The culmination of it all ended with Spencer jumping across a table at Mona screaming "DIE!" It was one of the greatest scenes of the entire series because the fear on Mona's face was legendary.

Regarding Hanna, she finds out that Caleb's uncle is actually his father. She gets the two of them together and it actually goes down really well. At the end of the episode when Hanna's mom finds Caleb's dad a job, Hanna gets the idea that Caleb's dad hasn't entirely lost his old ways.

Emily and Jason went in search of a specific picture of Alison in Cape May. They find a picture of Ali, CeCe, and Detective Wilden. CeCe becomes more and more suspicious. Emily and Jason show up to a house owned by the Dilaurentis family that was covered in bottles of liquor as a hit to Jason since he's a recovering addict. That really grinded my gears. After their sleuthing, Emily and Jason find the picture and try to leave immediately only to get trapped in a elevator. Jason gets the shaft. It was a terrible moment because for a brief second I wondered if he was going to make it. It then shows Jason in his hospital room where he informs Emily that the picture disappeared in the accident, and then he somehow ESCAPES from his hospital room. I mean, let's hope he escaped on his own, but God knows he could've very well been taken.

Aria and Wesley start steaming up the Rosewood scene. The wrong Fitz
Aria gets a call to help CeCe, so she takes Wesley as a "assitant." CeCe leaves for a long amount of time, lies about her car being towed, and is out when Jason and Emily get trapped in the elevator which leads me to believe that there's a very good chance she could be the culprit. Aria and Wesley end up sharing a brief kiss that I think I enjoyed a little too much.
It was very akward, but it somehow felt right...

Jason also had a flashback of CeCe and Melissa talking on the night Ali died. He thought it had been Ali talking to Melissa, but it was CeCe the entire time. Ali and CeCe both had on yellow tops and looked practically identical with their backs turned.

All of this leads me to believe that CeCe may be more involved that anyone ever thought. We know the woman in the red coat is in charge and at this point it could very well be CeCe. I'm not sure how far I want to go with that theory because the writers don't put that many clues out there to have them end up being exactly what you thought they would be. Nope, those crafty Pretty Little Liars writers are always coming up with bigger and better things. My suspicsion meter has gone up significantly regarding CeCe and Detective Wilden. CeCe and Alison were two pea's in a pod. They're far too much alike and knowing that is the icing on the cake. This "beach hottie" that could've impregnated Ali and skipped off into the sunset while she was murdered leans to Detective Wilden, but... nothing is ever as it seems in Rosewood.

At the end of the episode it shows all of the girls pictures taped to individual whiskey bottles, the same bottles that were on Jason's porch. There's two black gloved hands that spin the bottle. It shows them actually cutting out Emily's picture and taping it to her bottle. It also shows the bottle landing on Aria's face, but then one of the hands points the bottle at Spencer.


I hope this wasn't too all over the place. Sometimes it's hard to contain as much information as the episode holds. That's why I love it, though.

(I searched "What Becomes of The Broken Hearted." Major credit to whomever made these. I did find this great Pretty Little Liars Tumblr where I found a few pictures off of too. They're all over Tumblr! It's so hard to find the original sources, though)

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  1. I really think Cece has a bigger role in this than ever. I'm also wondering if she was the woman in red, but I'm also wondering if maybe Alison DIDN'T die and is still alive and Cece and Wilden are protecting her somehow? Especially since she could have been pregnant by Wilden. I'm also really wondering where Jason went when he "left" his hospital room. I'm wondering if it was by choice or if he was forced out of the room? AHH! I'm so anxious for the next episode!!


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