The "Beautiful Creatures" Hype!

I read the entire "Beautiful Creatures" series in the span of less than two weeks, give or take. I'm absolutely in love with every single character, every single storyline, and every single book. I find them all to be just brilliantly written, detailed, and etched to perfection. I knew they were making a movie before I read the books, but I wasn't really aware of the cast at the time. I started reading the books and I was still able to really think about each characther and to sum them up in my own mind. Once I did delve into the movie details, I was really ecstatic to see the cast. I think all the actors and actresses are going to be phenomenal. The trailers are exactly what I imagined them to be. The scenes and clips they've shown so far have been so close to the books in my mind that I cannot wait to sit in the theater and just be amazed. Every single time I see the trailer on television I can't help but smile. I'm one of those people who are so into the books, the characthers, and the authors that when the stories do get more recognition, I get extremely proud. So, with that said, I thought I'd talk about all the excitement surrounding the big movie release and promotions.

Yes, I am that stoked.
First of all, I will be at the midnight premiere. I bought my sister and one of my best friends the first book, "Beautiful Creatures" for Chrismas and they're both loving the entire premise, as I have. [I love it when that happens] The release date, which is Febuary 14th is around my friends birthday, so we're making it part of her birthday night. I can't explain how excited I am. Plus, can I please just mention how cute it is that it's coming out on Valentines Day? How perfect?

Here are some of my favorite photo's that I've found so far:

Up until the cast was announced I'd never heard of Alice Englart or Alden Ehrenreich, but I'm excited to see them transform on screen as two of my all time favorite characters. On the other hand, I'm already a big fan of Jeremy Irons, Emma, Thompson, Viola Davis, and Emmy Rossum. I couldn't have picked better people to play their roles. I especially think Emmy Rossum embodies Ridly as no other. When it comes to Sarafine, Emma Thompson is going to absolutely kill her role, I have no doubt about that. On another note, I'm pretty sure Viola Davis and Jeremy Irons can do no wrong. I love them so much. This cast is magical. Too cliche'?
Here's the cast/ movie IMDB page: Beautiful Creatures IMDB.

There's also one more thing that I'm EXTREMELY excited about... there's a Beautiful Creatures makeup pallete. Um, excuse me? Two of my favorite things in one? Yeah, they went there. I'm getting this immediately. I will be creating a look to where to the midnight premiere and I'm sure tons of other looks as well. I think I'll post them too and possibly make a seperate post entirely for it. You can find it at Ulta. Here: Beautiful Creatures Makeup Pallete.

And finally... here's the Beautiful Creatures Trailer:

So, are you going to the midnight premiere? Are you planning on seeing it in theaters? Have you even read the books? Let me know! Share my excitement.

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  1. Fun! I am actually JUST reading the first book, mainly because I am in love with the trailer for this movie haha. I want to read it before it comes out!

  2. I am so excited for this movie! Loved your post.

  3. Did you get to see the movie? Did it live up to your expectations? I guess the box office wasn't very good for it but I hear they will probably go ahead with a sequel anyway.


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