Pretty Little Liars [3x11] Theories

Disclaimer: If you haven't seen this episode yet,
then I don't recommend proceeding beyond this point unless you want spoilers.
Also, I watch Pretty Little Liars via my iPhone because I don't get ABC Family on television. It comes on at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights, but I typically don't see the episode until Wednesday mornings. I screenshot photos and then edit them on my phone.

"Single Fright Female!" Season three/ episode eleven.

I think the easiest way to go through the episode and talk about all the insane happenings and information is to go through each character. This episode was totally creeptastic.

Aria - The episode starts out with Aria and Ezra being as cute as always. It's Ezra's birthday and Aria is trying to be domestic by waking him up with flowers, cooking him dinner, etc. However, Ezra is down about Maggie, Maggie being his ex-lover from his teenage years whom he got pregnant. Ezra's mom paid Maggie off to leave town and never talk to Ezra again to "save" Ezra's future. Ezra begins to worry about what happened to Maggie and what exactly his mom did to her. Aria being Aria poses as an undergrad student named "Amy" looking into teaching 1st graders. Aria meets Maggie and sees that she's doing well, that she seems to be perfectly happy and absolutely fine. Everything is bliss until Aria sees that Maggie has a son, a son that looks just like Ezra and matches their timeline. Ezra's little brother, Wes came to the conclusion that if Maggie's son is Ezra's then their mom must still be paying her off to keep quiet.
SO, does Ezra have a SON??

Emily - Em is reeling from her kiss with Nate, not knowing how to move forward, but she tells Paige. Paige takes it fine, except we all know she originally didn't since she saw Em and Nate kiss. Nate approaches Em, but she lets him know in no uncertain terms that she can't be with him. Her and Paige continue on until CeCe sees them together and asks Spencer what the deal is. CeCe reveals that Paige and Ali HATED one another. Paige just gets more and more suspicious each episode, and knowing now that she had beef with Ali makes her number one on my A Team radar. Em is too naive, though. She gets upset about the accusations and refuses to believe them, even after JENNA... JENNA of ALL people warns her.

Hanna - Hanna fights to get her mom to destroy the mysterious thumbdrive that was found as the church was being remodeled. The INFAMOUS thumb drive. Besides that, in this episode not a lot happened to Hanna besides her doing a little bit of sneaking around with Caleb, which I just adore. I can't wait until they don't have to "hide" anymore.

Spencer - Oh my word, Spencer. She's on the ball, she's so intelligent, and she puts pieces together like a genius. Spencer and CeCe talked about Ali and Paige's past and a bunch of things start to click in Spencer's mind about Paige. Emily wont listen to Spencer but that doesn't keep Spencer from investigating and trying to figure things out, I respect her for that. As Spencer is helping CeCe with her store she goes to change and finds a hissing, disgusting, and vial snake in the dressing room. Yes, a SNAKE. She barely got out without being bitten and somehow SOMEONE locked the door so she couldn't immediately get out. It was horrifying, I would have had an onspot heart attack. INSANITY. So, obviously someone is targeting Spencer because Spencer always knows too much. When Paige and Emily come down to CeCe's store, Spencer and Hanna grab Paige's bag and find the other earring that Ali was BURIED with.

WHY WOULD PAIGE HAVE THAT?? All of this directly points to PAIGE... but to me, it seems too obvious. I have too much faith in the writers to believe that they would one hundred percent line up Paige like this and have it be EXACTLY as it seems, it's too easy. I do believe that Paige knows more than she's letting up on, that she is a threat, and that she probably is up to SOMETHING, but what? I think something happens to Paige, though, because I've seen a picture of an explosion and the girls behind yellow tape, but Em is inside the tape and Em is clearly the most distressed.

Finally, the end scene revealed what we've known all along... there is more than one A now, there is an A Team. The final scene showed two black leather gloved hands exchanging a key with one another, which to me looked like the key to the hotel where Mona's lair once was. The A Team could be any combination of people...

I just love this show so much. It's like a continued game of Clue with really amazing characters and settings. Only this time, I know it wasn't Coronel Mustard in the library with a candlestick.

The next episode is the Summer finale and I know it's going to be epic. I cannot wait. I know Toby comes back and I'm so stoked for that, because if I could have it my way... he'd be in every single episode. I hope Jason comes back too. People are all talks about "The BetrAyl" and the "MonA MAniA." I love, love, love this.


  1. I got addicted to the show not that long ago. I haven't read the books, but after sticking with the show I really want to!

    Beth ^_^

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