Mortal Instruments On Set Photos Post:

I don't know about all of you...

but I'm EXTREMELY excited about the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie!! They have now started filming City of Bones. I was just scrolling through Tumblr when I saw on set photos and it hit me, like WOW, is this real? I'm so stoked! So, here are some photos that I loved! I'm also really excited about the entire cast. Some, I do feel like I'll have to warm up to... but the majority of the cast I already know will be brilliant. Check out the entire cast and their IMDB page: HERE.

Disclaimer: I didn't take these pictures, I don't know who did, but thank you, you kind human being. The first few edits I found on Tumblr and the last two I did myself. I couldn't find the exact Mortal Instruments Tumblr site, but I'm sure if you search it on Tumblr you could find many, many more photos! Xx.

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  1. Omg Im sooooo excited for this too! Some people did not like the idea of Jamie as Jace but I loved Jamie and I think he is the best for Jace, his acting is wondeful. I hope people would give him a shot you know... anyway loved these pictures Carry, dying for this movie!for real!



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