The Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle Premieres!

I don't usually review television series, so I'm not going to start now. However, I do want to talk about the Thursday line up on The CW. 8 p.m. hosts The Vampire Diaries season 3 and 9 p.m. hosts the premiere season of The Secret Circle. I'm just going to talk about certain scenes and happenings I enjoyed, or characters I'm rooting for! Both shows are based off of books which makes me that much more intriguied, especially considering these shows share the same author base which is L.J. Smith. I have not read any of these books, but as a lover of books I felt the need to at least attempt to watch these shows.

Although, I'm way past "attempt" with The Vampire Diaries. I've been hooked on The Vampire Diaries since the very first show. I adore that show so much and as it continues, it just gets better. I also loved the first episode of The Secret CIrcle. I thought it was definitely intense but not in an overwhelming manner, the story had so many undertones to it that made me so much more interested in what was going to happen next. There was definitely some subtle supense there and I enjoyed the characters very much. 

The Vampire Diaries was amazing, completely surprising, suspenseful and emotion evoking. Elena was as strong and gorgeous as ever. I enjoy the banter between her and Damon. At this point, I'm honestly just continually crossing my fingers that Elena and Damon will happen. I love Stefan, but even at this point when he's on the run with Klaus, he's completely out of touch. He's too scared of Klaus to reach out to Damon or Elena, so he continues to be Klaus's patsy. It's quite disgusting. The whole Stefan "Rippah" Salvatore situation is NOT a good look for him. All the while, Damon and Elena have both been tracking Stefan and Klaus and coming severly close to finding them in action. Klaus is trying to create a pack of hybrids like himself both vampire and werewolf. While this is going on, it's also Elena's birthday and Caroline's hell bent on giving her an amazing party. Caroline comes through, of course and provides some much needed humor mixed in with all the deep, hard hitting scenes. Caroline and Tyler had some of the cutest and sexiest scenes quite possibly ever! I love the two of them together, it's amazing chemistry and they're both incredibly beautiful people.

Jeremy is obviously being effected by the magic Bonnie had to use to bring him back from the dead. Jeremy is beginning to see the ghosts of Vikki and Anna. It's freaking him out and causing him to act irrationaly to a certain extint because the main person he begins to open up to is Matt, none other than Vikki's brother. Although, Matt is a really good guy who has just put up with a lot and may actually get a decent storyline this season, that I look forward to.

The Secret Circle started out in a really intense manner and I felt so much emotion when the main character, Cassie's mom got killed, but that was just the beginning of everything. Cassie then moves to Chance Harbor to live with her grandmother and all hell breaks loose. Cassie begins meeting person after person who knew her mother, who feels the need to talk at length about her mother and all these people seem as if they know more about her own mother than Cassie does. When Cassie first starts school she meets some interesting characters, too. Faye and Melissa being the resident "bad girls" drop snarky comments dripping with sarcasm all over the place. Diana might possibly be the sweetest and most together person, but Cassie isn't convinced. Diana is also dating Adam which could cause a major snag later considering Adam is pretty much lusting over Cassie. Then there's Nick, he's Cassie's neighbor and somewhat of a loner.

All of these characters bombard one another when Cassie finds out the real reason they're all so interested in her. They're a coven of witches, but they're not powerful enough without Cassie because she completes the circle. Cassie has an immediate freakout but can't help but come to terms with her powers once she sees them in action. The water droplet scene between Adam and Cassie was such a beautiful scene. Beneath all of this drama and parnormal confusion is their parents and the real story. Their parents were all in a coven before they were born, and there was obviously an accident because none of them have two parents, each of them has lost at least one. Or, in Cassie's case, both. The major disturbance was knowing that a few of their parents brough Cassie to Chance Harbor on purpose and is awaiting for their children's powers to take over. The ending left me wanting so much MORE! I honestly love this show!

So, tell me, did you watch and if so, how do you like them?


  1. I've always love TVD! And I'm totally team Damon. I think the show improved on the books. Loved the books but they got kind of weird in later installments.

    The Secret Circle was terrific! I haven't read the books yet. That lullaby humming is going to be really creepy! And the special effects were really cool!I love the actor playing the bad guy (I know him as Julian from Hellcats).

  2. I watched both. I think The Secret Circle has a lot of potential to become great, like TVD did!

    As far as TVD...oh, my heart. It broke so many times, for Elena, for Damon, and for Stefan. Unfortunately, I am afraid it's going to take most of this season for Stefan's arc to play out, or at least half, I figure. Which sucks because ugh, I like normal Stefan, not "evil" Stefan.

    Damon/Elena just break my heart. I am usually a Stefan/Elena girl but last season's finale opened my heart up more to the possibility of Damon/Elena!

  3. Great post!! I love the Vampire Diaries and I actually really enjoyed the series premiere of secret circle! Can't wait for more!

  4. Im still catching up on the vampire diaries, so I didn't watch the season premier. Im in season 2 still but I hope to be caught up in a week or two. I did watch the secret circle, and Im not 100% sold on it yet. Im going to watch a few more episodes and then see what i think.

    I am loving vampire diaries though!!

  5. Looking forward to episode two of Secret Circle. Loved the books growing up and can't wait to see how the tv show plays out. I think my expectations might have been a little high as I was expecting more from episode 1. That's the trouble with preconcived notions, I guess. Still, I'll keep watcing!


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