I Want To Hold Your Hand, Stephanie Blackburn Review.

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Author: Stephanie Blackburn.

Synopsis: On a frigid February night in New Hampshire the car Penny is riding in loses control and crashes passenger-side first into a tree. When she wakes up the next morning she can’t understand why her mother and sister are ignoring her, until she accidentally sticks her hand through her mother and remembers the night before. 

A town away, Will is going about his senior year of high school on autopilot. He can’t work up the courage to tell his overbearing father that he doesn’t want to go to Boston College and study Business, his ex-girlfriend doesn’t understand the concept of being broken up, and he’s tired of feeling like his life is all an act.
Thinking she’s dead and wishing for a respite from her family’s grief, Penny is drawn to a house party where she meets Will, who miraculously can see her though no one else can. In the off-limits living room at the back of the house, with music thumping and their peers making fools of themselves nearby, Penny and Will begin a relationship that will make both of them question the decisions that have brought them to where they are and force them to jointly take a leap of faith. 

First of all, I just want to express how genuinely impressed I am with this book and the author.
Stephanie Blackburn is a class act and is a phenomenal writer. Once I started this book I had a truly hard time putting it down. It was extremely captivating. I got really wrapped up in Penny's life and emotions. My heart broke for her but her character was very strong throughout the entire thing which was something I admired.

There was always an air of mystery throughout the book that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I knew something wasn't adding up so once the plot twist came my mind was blown and my heart soared. I loved the fact that the plot twist didn't come until I was about 75% done with the book. It kept everything incredibly interesting and kept me on my toes. As far as Will goes, I loved his entire story. Will's personality is amazing and I was rooting for him and Penny from the beginning. I loved seeing their stories intertwine and grow together. 

The entire message in the book about never truly knowing what the last thing you say or do to someone could be is striking. It's also inspiring and mind blowing to think that two different people leading two different lives can be drawn together in such a manner. If you think about it, I guess it happens more often than we recognize but seeing it unfold within the pages of a book was amazing. You always have that inkling where you like to think you're destined to be with someone and that no matter what happens you'll find your way to that person. That's what I loved about Penny and Will, not even the afterlife could keep them apart.

I fell in love with Penny and Will's story, but their story isn't the only one worth mentioning. Throughout the book I also loved seeing the dynamics between Penny's loved ones. You realize every petty thing that once felt like something becomes nothing when you're faced without a way back. Penny's family is very relatable and I think everyone who reads this book will take something away from it. There are also some many little tidbits that I fell in love with, like Penny's relationship with her horse, The Beatles analogies and the Greek mythology idea. 
However, you'll have to read more to find that out. 

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Veronica Mars Movie Review.

I watched Veronica Mars as a teenager, it was amazing to me how much I related to her and her relationships. Once Veronica Mars was taken off air I was crushed. It was genius and all I could think about was how much of a waste it was to not be shared. Rewind to months ago when a rumor went around about a movie. I thought it was too good to be true until Kristen Bell announced it herself and the KickStarter campaign began. I donated and was incredibly happy to do so. All of the supporters basically broke KickStarter and created their biggest campaign ever. I stayed caught up on the filming and production through Kickstarter emails prompted by Rob Thomas who is amazing at all he does. Veronica Mars really wouldn't be possible without him. 

I was amazed at how much the actors were into it and wanting the film as well. You see a lot of actors these days hit it big and not care whatsoever unless they're getting paid big bucks. 

Well, this was not the case. 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in the movie because it was PHENOMENAL.

The movie was everything I ever could have hoped for and more. I'm not going to give away any spoilers whatsoever, so I can only say that as a long time Veronica Mars fan I was extremely impressed. The plot started at a very interesting time in Veronica's life where she's about to hit it big in New York. She's created a life for herself that's entirely different from the one she experienced in Neptune, California. She's suddenly pulled back to Neptune in a series of events. Once she's back in Neptune all of the original characters are brought back into the story in such a intricate way. I really loved how the writers and producers were able to create a plot that wasn't too far off base from the "old" Neptune. It was all held together so well. 

I wondered how the crime and mystery would end and begin. I also wondered how far off it would be in relation to our favorite characters. I must say, it was pretty perfect. If you've seen the television series than you'll notice so many little details here and there. The action and suspense was nothing short of amazing. There were parts in the movie where I didn't see anything coming and suddenly I was swept up into this huge action sequence. 
It'll keep you on your toes. 

All in all, I'm just thoroughly pleased. I didn't want it to end and I honestly want a sequel. I know they're coming out with novels that pick up right where the movie leaves off, but I'd still like to see another Veronica Mars film take place. I recommend watching it, re-watching it and telling all of your friends. Go buy the DVD's, go watch the movie and stay tuned for the novels. 
You will NOT regret it. 


Vampire Academy Movie Review.

I went and saw "Vampire Academy" yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I was super stoked to go see it but at the same time I had my reservations. I absolutely adore the book series and I didn't want ANYTHING or ANYONE to destroy that love. I heard a lot of mixed reviews but I try to never be affected by other people's opinions because a lot of movies that get hate are usually the movies I love. However, this is MY account on the film...
and I LOVED it. 

If you read the books you know that they are mostly narrated by Rose Hathaway, one of the main characters. I say "one" of the main characters because her and Lissa share that spotlight, but the majority of the story being told is from Rose's point of view. I absolutely loved the voice over narration that was done. A lot of people complain that in book to movie adaptions that there isn't enough information provided, well that was NOT the case in this movie.

Rose's narration was spot on and provided so much insight into the world of St. Vladimir's school, aka "
Vampire Academy." Rose broke down their entire lives and did it so well that she made even the most complex terms and situations understandable. A lot of details surround Vampire Academy and to those who haven't read the books all the details are suddenly provided in a way that is easy to digest. I took a friend with me that had not read the books and she absolutely fell in love as well. 

The actors and actresses were amazing. A lot of people tend to shy away from films that don't have the most well known casts but I think this cast was phenomenal. I was most impressed with Zoey Deutch. I had seen Zoey's work before and was thoroughly interested in seeing her in such a badass and complex role. She nailed it and brought Rose to life in every single way imaginable. In my opinion, Lucy Fry was perfect as Lissa. She was beautiful, talented and elegant. Zoey and Lucy's onscreen chemistry was on point but the chemistry I was most impressed with was Rose [Zoey] and Dimitri's. [Danila]

I heard a lot of nonsensical talk about how the guys weren't "hot" enough for their parts. Um, no. I will admit that by glancing at them they may not be the MOST appealing but when they are onscreen they light up. Everyone was insanely attractive and the roles they played made them that much more electrifying. 

Also, some people mentioned that the film had a "Mean Girls" vibe. Well, if you read the book you realize that they are surrounded by mean girls and horrible high school drama, even though they are who they are. All of it was expressed very well. There was drama because they are in HIGH SCHOOL and that's far more realistic to me than a kick ass vampire movie that takes place in a high school where everyone is warm and fuzzy. NO, people are out to get one another and it's survival of the fittest in more ways than one. [Also, the director of "Mean Girls" directed this as well] Everything is still the perfect amount of fierce and exciting.

I highly, highly recommend it! GO SEE IT!! 


The Maze Runner Series and Movie.

I recently read The Maze Runner series and I couldn't put them down. It's one of those series where I found myself thinking about the books constantly. If I wasn't reading I wanted to be and when I was reading I was so engrossed with the series that I couldn't stop. Considering I do have a life [chuckles] it took me about a week to finish the entire series. It's so different to me and I've never ready anything quite like it.

I've read so many Dystopian, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi novels, but there's something about "The Maze Runner" that drew my attention. It's so intense and intriguing. The main character is a male and it's all from his point of view which I found very interesting. The Maze Runner has it's own language that you catch onto really quickly. The boys in "The Maze" have their own way of speaking and handling each other that's a entirely new concept. Unlike a lot of books these days there was no real "romance" in it. Sure, there were love interests that had their own stories but the series wasn't based around that as much as a lot of books are these days. Plus, the person I thought Thomas was going to end up with in the end threw me for a loop. That was a huge blow but I'm happy with the end result. It's a very mysterious and action packed series. It's gritty, raw and full of emotions. I just genuinely loved it. The Maze Runner series was fantastic throughout the entire series. I've realized over time that sometimes the first book in a series can turn out to be the best, sadly enough. These books luckily did not catch that plague. All three books; The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure are equally great. All three books are fantastic follow ups and continuations of one another. 
The plot just continues to thicken and grow. 

Before I read the books I had heard they were making a movie but I never paid much attention to it. I didn't look anything up or check out the news. However, now that I've read the book I am MORE than interested and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting it. I'm so excited that Dylan O'Brien who's probably most famous for his role on MTV's "Teen Wolf" is playing Thomas. It's a perfect fit. The main female role is being played by Kaya Scodelario who is best known for her role in "Skins." Kaya will play Teresa which I'm also stoked about. I feel like this is the exact cast I would've picked myself which is frighteningly fantastic. I can't wait to see it unfold. I managed to find some movie stills thanks to MTV's website! 

Have you read The Maze Runner and how excited are you for the movie?


Updated City of Bones Post: Clothing Line, Trailer and Pictures!

[All images are from HotTopic!]

I don't know about you but when I read a Mortal Instruments book I always pay close attention to their clothing choices. For some reason... they're just so classic. Each character has their own style but when it comes down to it they all have their Shadowhunter gear. The Shadowhunter gear is all black, fierce and absolutely badass. When I saw that Hot Topic was coming out with a clothing line based on "City of Bones" I was more than ecstatic. That's kind of a big deal as a female. However, if you're male they have Tee's for you too! I think it's amazing and that you should go check it out immediately! I know I am. 

Don't forget to check out the trailer and some movie stills as well!! 

These movie stills make me that much more excited to see the film and I feel like I can already tell that the movie is sticking close to it's roots and following the book. I previously posted all about the movie when they were filming and here are some updated pictures and such.

Here's the link to the clothing line: Click it!

Ps. This is not endorsed. I'm just really stoked. ;)


Veronica Mars Movie Overview, Updates and Photos!

Veronica Mars is one of my all time favorite shows. A couple months ago I noticed a Tweet from Kristen Bell about a possible Veronica Mars movie and immediately checked out the link. The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project was to raise money to produce the movie and to prove that the fans wanted it. Well, THE FANS WANTED IT! The project broke Kickstarter records and raised over $5,702,153 dollars.

Needless to say, the movie is in full effect and filming actually just ended. I am a "backer" through Kickstarter and I get weekly emails from Rob Thomas. Rob is a Veronica Mars hero! I'm so excited to see all of this come together. I'm very, very happy to know that the entire cast is back together for the film. So we far we don't know the entire synopsis of the movie, but we know that it takes place with everyone at their ten year Neptune High Reunion which kind of brings everyone back together and where the intertwining ensues. It will be coming out in 2014, but up until the end we're getting bits and pieces of it through some amazing previews. They recently released a teaser trailer at Comic-Con which I'm OBSESSED with! 

Also, If you follow @TheVeronicaMarsMovie on Instagram, as well as Rob Thomas and all the other actors you'll get all the behind the scenes photos and info! That's what I do at least. :) 

How excited are YOU? Are you a backer for the film? Later, Marshmallows.