Veronica Mars Movie Overview, Updates and Photos!

Veronica Mars is one of my all time favorite shows. A couple months ago I noticed a Tweet from Kristen Bell about a possible Veronica Mars movie and immediately checked out the link. The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project was to raise money to produce the movie and to prove that the fans wanted it. Well, THE FANS WANTED IT! The project broke Kickstarter records and raised over $5,702,153 dollars.

Needless to say, the movie is in full effect and filming actually just ended. I am a "backer" through Kickstarter and I get weekly emails from Rob Thomas. Rob is a Veronica Mars hero! I'm so excited to see all of this come together. I'm very, very happy to know that the entire cast is back together for the film. So we far we don't know the entire synopsis of the movie, but we know that it takes place with everyone at their ten year Neptune High Reunion which kind of brings everyone back together and where the intertwining ensues. It will be coming out in 2014, but up until the end we're getting bits and pieces of it through some amazing previews. They recently released a teaser trailer at Comic-Con which I'm OBSESSED with! 

Also, If you follow @TheVeronicaMarsMovie on Instagram, as well as Rob Thomas and all the other actors you'll get all the behind the scenes photos and info! That's what I do at least. :) 

How excited are YOU? Are you a backer for the film? Later, Marshmallows. 

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