Hunger Games Movie Casting.

So, as you can all tell by my last post I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games. I actually heard that they were doing a movie before I had read the series. Now that I've read the series the amount of excitement I have cannot be contained. I keep hearing one thing right after the other about who should be cast in the movie. Casting a movie based on a book I imagine is highly intense. I'm not sure that I'd want a job where millions of teenagers would be after me if I messed up their series. I, on the other hand think that there are so many possible choices that you'd have to get it right. How could you not? Besides, the fans have been beating down every website, blog and social network possible vying for their favorites. As I'm sure you've already guessed, I have a few favorites of my own but I am going to talk about some other fan favorites too.

Okay, the first person I came across that I thought would be a good Katniss Everdeen is Malese Jow. This is an absolutely huge part, she is the "Mockingjay" after all. I think that Malese's look is so versatile that she could pull off the younger looking Katniss, as well as the dressed up version. I think Malese can definitely look fierce enough for Katniss's character. She had a part in The Vampire Diaries last season which totally changed my opinion of her. Malese is an amazing actress, her vampire self was flawless. Her performance was powerful beyond measure. If Malese Jow got cast as Katniss I would be thrilled!

Malese Jow is also a fan favorite but a few others favorites have been claiming their spots too. Hailee Steinfeld, Lyndsy Foncesa and Alyson Stoner have all vocally shared their love for the series and the move role, too. It has been said that Lyndsy Foncesa got scripts back in October.  Both Lyndsy and Alyson have took to Twitter to declare their love for the series and fans too. Honestly, if Malese Jow doesn't get cast then I'm banking on Lyndsy Foncesa but I just adore all of these girls.

When it comes to Peeta Mallark there are so many options out there it's overwhelming. I love the fact that Liam Hemsworth has been vocal about the part. I also love Hunter Parrish and Austin Butler. I think that those three actors fit Peeta's character really well. I've heard that Hunter Parrish is really getting a lot of love from fans! I don't know Hunter Parrish's or Austin Butler's involvement in the auditioning process, or if they even know about it.

Gale is a character I love and I really, really want to see his character shown accurately. I don't have too many choices, but it's odd how much Taylor Lautner seems to represent Gale's character. Although, I doubt that Taylor Lautner would embark on another movie based on a book series while he's still involved in The Twilight Saga. Avan Jogia also strikes me as someone who would do a really great job with Gale's character. We shall see. . . 


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